happinessMind Soul Body Healing is a safe haven for people, to come to, who are searching for personal growth, healing and enhancing lifes journey.  Some people dream of success, I make it happen. I make every effort to keep my knowledge up to date by attending yearly classes.

Shelly is offering Life coaching & Thinking Into results. By working with a life coach you are taking a more proactive roll in your life.   Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher founded this exciting coaching program, Thinking Into Results. Its geared toward helping companies, corporations and individuals to reach their full potential. I will be with you the whole 12 months, going through the material, the Dvd’s and lessons. Im excited to watch you or your company grow.

Shelly is offering weddings,  Hypnosis and Past Life Regression sessions. Shelly sells Young Living Essential Oils and offers other products to help you improve your health and take charge in your own healing process. Shelly does a Raindrop Technique that uses the essential oils to help realign the electrical structures of the body.

Shelly also has training in different Energy Medicine arenas.  Human or Animal Sessions are available. Quantum Touch® is a method of hands-on healing.  The Quantum-Touch practitioners use breathing techniques, light touch and intention to accelerate our client’s own healing processes. Often, dramatic healing can occur within minutes of Quantum-Touch® session. Distant Healing Sessions are also available. How does a distant healing session work?  It work like a “hands-on” session, only it relies on thoughts and intention, like the healing power of prayer.  Energy is not limited by our perception of distance or time.  Everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected; therefore energy can be transferred over long distances.  Clients find this  a wonderful option to receive energy, because they can eliminate travel time and costs and relax in the comfort of their own home.  Animal companions are also very  responsive to distant healing. Distant sessions may be very beneficial for pain reduction, surgery support, cancer support, arthritis, etc  Note:  The sender and receiver will not maintain phone contact during the session.